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  • Sorry Day means so much more than just “I’m sorry”

    National Sorry Day. What does it really mean, and why is it relevant to us all? Not just here in Australia, but the world. Although our government has raised the platform to establish a different relationship with Indigenous Australia, we are yet to achieve a unified vision or outcome. Even for those who are strongly opposed to the apology and compensation, there is reason for us all to find deeper respect and appreciation for our…

  • Love

    This morning someone told me that their experience of love gives them a feeling like falling: that as their heart is moved, it is like falling from a towering building. My response to this was not what one might expect. Spiritually speaking we might think this story of falling in love only represents the ego’s encounter of love rather than the liberation of rising in love. Yet as I really listened and felt into what…

  • Prayer – why it might be relevant?

    Apparently, everyone is googling prayer right now. Given the unprecedented crisis we are in, it’s not surprising there has been a sudden interest. What really is prayer?  Prayer is and has been, a unique human behaviour throughout time. Historically we have been taught to pray to a God. To a being or force outside ourselves. To something higher. Someone in control. To pray has been and is, a part of cultures and religions ancient and…