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  • A Silent Power

    A question I hear regularly from spiritual practitioners is: “Why is it so hard to get a constant connection with our true nature when we put in so much effort? I try so hard but get so few results… and the world seems to be getting worse in so many ways.” The central word here is connection. But what are we connecting to? The connection we seek is with our true self. We yearn to…

  • ‘Evil’ arises when we do not take responsibility for our dark side. Our shadow-self is our responsibility, and ours alone.

    The notion that another can die for our sins does not support a society to act with self-responsibility. It is the abdication of our own accountability that leads to greater atrocities. In denying ourselves the responsibility to meet our own shadow, it’s darkness continues unchecked. And it is the denial of our own light that leaves us in the darkness. Here we are, in a world suffering the weight of the unmet shadow. It’s the…

  • Is there a hidden gift in the Coronavirus pandemic

    We have entered a time of unprecedented crisis. We have gone from an escalating push to acknowledge the imminent collapse of our environment to global pandemic, the unraveling of our systems – economic, health, social. The warning signs have been with us for a long time. And, here’s what happens when we don’t heed the alarm bells. When we don’t preemptively and proactively seek to change the course we are on. Like a person whose…