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  • This is nature… resilient.

    This is regeneration - life continues. However, we seem to forget that things don’t all just happen over night. It took thousands and millions of years for whole habitats to evolve. And here in Australia we have lost entire habitats to the fires to date and the fires are still raging. Many species are now considered extinct or threatened with extinction. We have lost more than 7 million hectares, with nearly 500 million animals killed,…

  • The importance of living life in openness

    I just had an incredible day of creative development with my team. Feeling deeply fulfilled, I took a wander outside and was instantly greeted by this magnificent magnolia that had opened into full bloom. What a beauty! What joy it brought me to see this creation. It seemed to be the perfect reflection of the day I just had - feeling grateful that I work with souls who share the principles of working in deep…

  • A compelling approach to climate change

    We seem to forget that we are all here, living on earth. This is our home, yet we are destroying it. This fact is clear. The jury on ‘climate change’ is out. Earth is showing us how things are. Nature is crying out to us and telling us that we have to change.  Scientists also are making this point clear: “we are already experiencing the impact of climate change and environmental tipping points.” We may…

  • The truth within us

    Namaste, Within the heart and mind of each of us there is a deep desire (even if secretly!) to attain the quality of peace, freedom and love. We aspire to reach the pinnacle of our expression as a human being - alive with spirit, feeling home and at one with creation. Whether we want to refer to this as Enlightenment, to know Truth or simply to be fully alive, it is a goal worthy of…

  • My New Year’s Day Experience

    This is where I spent my ‘New Years Day’. Celebrating cycles, seasons and significant days has been part of our human nature for millennia. Giving our focus and attention on a particular day is something we do. And it’s certainly something that can deepen and enrich our experience. But it can also highlight the gaps between such days. Are we truly living each moment? Do we recognise the newness and wonder of life unfolding every…